First of all, a quick intro to Programming. What is programming? Well, programming is basically to “teach a computer to follow some steps to do something”. The problem is that the computer has to know everything before it does something right. This will become rather more complex later on, but the same principle always applies. With this in mind, we can have a simple analogy:

Imagine you want to teach someone to get up from its chair and walk out the room. You just say “Hey, get up and get out, man”. If you are teaching it to a computer, you have to be a lot more specific. So, our previous instruction would become:

"Get up > Move feet to walk until reach door > Turn door handle > Move feet until you are outside of the room > Close door > End"

Fun, huh? Fortunatly, you don’t have to teach computers to walk (although there are people doing it). What you need to do, is to teach them every instruction you need, because he doesn’t “guess” what you want, even is it seems logic to you.

So, jump in another of my tutorials to see this in action.

Marco ‘Fox’ Roberto