Hello. Welcome the your first step into Flash AS3 programming. While this tutorial might seem basic as all hell, it is vital to get you started. So, let’s just jump right into it!

In Flash AS3 (Action Script 3) we have, what is called Object Oriented Programming (or OOP, for short). While I would like to avoid technical terms, let’s just say for now, that everything we have in programming is an “object”. So, a text is and object, an image is an object, a sound is a… Yeah, you guessed it: Object.

So our first goal here is to do a “String” (Text) to appear on screen. It usually is “Hello World”, for no particular reason. It’s just tradition to start with this.

First, let me explain what a “String” is. String is just a text. You might be wondering “what do you mean, a text? Everything written other than Numbers and Symbols is text”. Well, not quite. Although that isn’t entirely wrong, it’s not the complete story.

What’s important here is to differentiate code from text. Strings(or Text) is not interpreted by the program, while non strings will be interpreted.